Estonian Ecovillage Summer Gathering "Tradition and Present Day" - August 20, 2016. Valgemetsa, Põlvamaa

This year's summer gathering focuses on the relationship between traditons and the present day. The main presenters will be Ahto Kaasik, reasearcher and vitaliser of Estonian lore, who will speak about folklore as teachings for whole life, and Flying Eagle (Rupert Encinas) representing the native peoples of North America and imparting their living traditions.

Several workshops and discussions will be held:

  • Gaia Academy: the experience from first year, programs for 2016/2017
  • Producing and using biochar
  • Mauri Kin's Domains Eco Village
  • Parmu Eco Village
  • Sänna Cultural Manor and Inventors' Village School
  • Maarja village
  • Organising GEN-Europe 2018 Conference in Estonia
  • Paide Wabalinn (Paide free town)
  • Organic Estonia
  • Eco-state as Estonian development prospect
  • Tartu Living Gardens
  • Rosma Johannes School
  • Loona Farm

You are welcome!